Children Solidarity: UNICEF Partnership

On the International Day of the Girl Child, Showroomprivé underlined its commitment to the emancipation of young girls throughout the world by supporting the ongoing actions of UNICEF, in particular in Mauritania, an area where education is not available to all girls.

Christmas 2019 was another occasion when Showroomprivé could demonstrate its support for UNICEF by putting their name-branded gifts on sale This partnership which was launched during the end of year holiday season helped to raise over 20,000€ in donations. In just a few months, in the 4th quarter of 2019, more than 70,000€ were given to UNICEF.

Boosted by the success of this first initiative, Showroomprivé & UNICEF have joined forces once again to face the COVID crisis and support children who are not in school. At the same time, during lockdown, five sales of masks to the general public were organised. Over 40,000€ were raised.

In August 2020, following the explosions in Beirut, Showroomprivé launched an appeal for donations to help injured and displaced children. So far, this appeal has made 20,000€.

In one year of collaboration with UNICEF, we are proud to have raised 166,000€ in donations (including a gift of 50,000€ from Showroomprivé as well as paying for media promotions) for a cause which is close to our heart.


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