The Group is aware of the growing challenges involved in sustainable development and works toward the reduction of its environmental impact.
Two major levers are particularly the common thread of its actions: limiting the quantity of waste discharged and optimizing the energy resources required for the production process.

By 2020, the Group's actions are defined as follows:
- Reduce the amount of waste discharged per employees
- Increase the proportion of recycled waste
- Increase the proportion of recyclable or recycled packaging
- Reduce energy use
- Develop the use of biofuel for the transportation of orders


Pioneer in online commerce, innovation is the DNA of Showroomprivé.

Two major initiatives reflect this commitment: the Look Forward hub and #BeTheFuture, the annual internal contest.

Accelerate fashion, retail and beauty tech startups

Launched in 2015, labelled as a major innovation place by the Ile-de-France Region in 2017, Look Forward, the first fashion, retail and beauty tech incubator in Europe, is a real accelerator coaching each year the most promising start-up who reinvent the way fashion and beauty are being produced, consumed and distributed. For more information.

Promote intrapreneurship and talent agility

Each year, Showroomprivé’s employees have the opportunity to submit innovative projects related to the Group's activity during the contest #BeTheFuture.

Support the implementation of the winning projects

The projects presented all aim at building the company's future. The winners have the opportunity to implement their project by working with the different trades.


Showroomprivé’s corporate Foundation: placing innovation at the heart of everyone's success

In 2017, the Group created its own Foundation. It promotes education on new technologies, training course and inclusion within the digital society and defends a vision of innovation that is useful and a source of progress for all.

Develop a unique, social and innovative training

Launched in 2017, supported by Showroomprivé’s corporate Foundation, the e-commerce school is a free business training course dedicated to a disadvantaged public away from employment.

The training program is intensive, social, free, innovative and supported by more than 40 partners. It trains about fifty people per year through a tailor-made program.


Above all, Showroomprivé is an online platform dedicated to women, these leaders, prescribers and connected digital women.
Inspired by its customers and employees, whom represent more than 60% of the total workforce, the Group supports the promotion of women, both through its internal policy and various external initiatives.

The Group actively promotes the professional development and fulfillment of its employees

Two levers are key: the training and support for employees at different stages of their lives, particularly during their maternity leave.

Gender Equality Index: A score of 89 points out of 100

The Group publishes its gender equality index, in accordance with Law No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 and Decree No. 2019-15 of 8 January 2019.
This index, through a score out of 100, assesses the company's situation with regard to gender equality on 5 indicators.
The Group's score for 2018 is 89 out of 100, confirming its commitment to gender equality.

The Group supports access to education for disadvantaged young women

Since 2017, the Group partnered with "Toutes à l'école", association founded by Tina Kieffer.

The Group finances the secondary education of 30 young Cambodian women by promoting their access to technical courses in higher education level.

Every year, the Group allows its employees to directly participate to the training of young girls through a one-week stay in the Happy Chandara School, in Cambodia.


Ethical business conduct is a priority for Showroomprivé. For this purpose, the Group relies on two major pillars: an anti-corruption approach and a strict attention to the respect of personal data.

Under the impetus of the Law n°2016-1691 voted on 9th December 2016 related to transparency, the fight against corruption and the modernisation of economic life, the Group has strengthened the fight against corruption by implementing a policy to prevent corruption.

The Group operates websites, networks and other data systems through which it collects, preserves, transmits and stores information, including personal data, about its activities, employees, members, partner brands and other parties.

In order to address security risks and the challenges of compliance with personal data regulations, the Group has implemented specific procedures.