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“In 2006, we were pioneers. In 2020 we are convincing because we are visionaries. Showroomprivé, is above all the spirit of enterprise that is innovative and committed.”

At the root and at the heart of our expansion is a conviction: innovation is a virtue. That, there, is the guide line that guides all our actions.

With our Look Forward start-up incubator, the 2018 launch of our SRP Media advertising department then our SRP Studio agency in 2019, we have built up a global offer of services, designed to closely accompany brand name customers. These brands are our partners. Each offer is custom-made and original, so that each client can aim to inspire, facilitate and optimise the purchase of fashion items and beauty products online. This offer takes needs into account and anticipates the expectations of millions of customers in France and round the world.

In a world that’s changing fast, where the market is in total expansion, we’re bringing a new economic intelligence into play – digital innovation that’s also societal and environmental. Our crosswise programme, Move Forward, is the drive behind this action with a conscience.

We’re proud today to help change the way we see – where yesterday’s second choices prove to be the first choices of today and tomorrow. Twice upon a time ….

Thierry Petit and David Dayan,
Co-founders and co-CEOs of Showroomprivé

Key figures of THE GROUP

Key figures of THE GROUP


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Millions of euros
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Millions of members
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